Murder, Roller Skates, and the SATs

Joelle Charbonneau walks into a room with a quiet, confident testing-194x300grace that marks her as someone special.  With a radiant smile, the tall, lean figure of a dancer, and gorgeous red hair, she stands out — in a good way.  And when she sings “Black Velvet” with Heather Graham at the House of Blues in Orlando, FL, well watch out — she will rock your socks off.

Her new book, The Testing, just came out and has already been optioned by Paramount for a major motion picture!  To celebrate, Joelle is giving one lucky commenter below the choice of a copy of either The Testing or End Me a Tenor.  I know whomever wins, will love them both!

See what all the fuss is about in my video interview of Joelle. Enjoy!

Don’t forget to leave a comment if you’d like to win a copy of Joelle’s book!  Here’s the trailer:

skatingontheedge-198x300 SATL End-Me-a-Tenor-186x300 SOTL

14 thoughts on “Murder, Roller Skates, and the SATs

  1. How do you write 3 such different series, Joelle? How do you even find the time? Great interview as always Diana.


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