Thanks for that

My friend Gwen Hernandez said it so well that the only thing I can add is Happy Thanksgiving everyone!Hope you all have a wonderful and safe holiday — Thanksgiving and Chanukah both!

Gwen Hernandez

ThanksWordleAccording to several articles I’ve read lately (like this one), gratitude is one of the keys to success. Not just saying thank you when someone passes the pepper, or being glad that you have a loving family and your health (though those are all good), but finding something each day about which you can be grateful.

Even the most wretched life has something good in it. You might need to look hard some days, but it’s there.

One post I read recently—unfortunately, I can’t find it now—took it one step further and suggested that we find ways to be grateful for those things that upset us. What??

For example, how can you be grateful to the man who cuts you off in traffic? And not just “I’m grateful that he didn’t hit me.” What if you thought of it like this? “I’m grateful to him for reminding me what…

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