If I could only take 3 – #Books on #Writing

Great chance to get Jo-Ann Carson’s book free Feb 8-12. Plus a fun and informative post.

Jo-Ann Carson

If I was flying off to an exotic locale for a holiday with five minute notice, or if the world was coming to an end and I had a ticket on a space ship destined for  a safer planet, or if the zombie apocalypse was knocking on my door, which three books on writing would I escape with?

One: Save the Cat!

save the catby Blake Snyder

It’s a brilliant book about screenwriting  I use to construct my stories. Comprehensive and insightful it outlines how to create a story board for your plot and how to fill it wisely. And he makes you laugh all the way through the process. One of my favorite chapters is number Six, The immutable Laws of Screenplay Physics: Save the Cat, The Pope in the Pool, Double Mumbo Jumbo, Laying Pipe, Too Much Marzipan… Watch Out for That Glacier! and Covenant of the Arc. Each law is priceless. I…

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