2016 Mid-Winter MG/YA Reading List

Sharon Wray’s teen (midgrade and YA) reading list is so popular there is now a winter version to complement her summer list. For those of you wanting to buy books for your kids, or perhaps to give a list of books to a reluctant reader, this is exactly the ticket. Don’t forget this post contains only the top picks, the complete reading list is accessible by clicking the link. You’ll be astounded as to the amount of work Sharon and her teen readers did on this.

Sharon Wray


Did you know I have my own army?

Unlike most armies of the world, mine consists of a group of young people aged 8-17 who love to read. And over the past few years, they’ve been an invaluable asset in helping me build my reading lists for kids stuck in middle school and teens just trying to survive high school.

They are my reading army.

Every year, toward the end of the school year, my reading army helps me compile my Middle Grade/Young Adult summer reading list. But since I’m getting more and more requests for updates, I’ve decided to put out a second mid-year list.

So with the help of my army, here is the Mid-Winter 2016 MG/YA list. Perfect for those winter school breaks and unexpected snow days.

Below are a few highlights, but for the entire printable list, click here for the Mid-Winter 2016 MG/YA list.

This list is not all-inclusive. And…

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