For Reading and Writing, There’s No Place Like Home

Author Sharon Wray shows us her favorite places to write.

Sharon Wray


This month’s Writer Wednesdays post is about our favorite places to read and write. Since I love to to do both, I have lots of corners to work in depending on what the family is doing and whether or not I need to hide. For my writing, I have four places:

A narrow desk in my kitchen that’s also the center of the household.


My dining room table. (Yes, I’m a messy writer!)


A tiny bedroom we now use as an upstairs study/sitting room.

(We call it the “escape from the teenagers” room!)


And my absolute favorite (super tiny) local cafe!



I often end up reading in my car while waiting for kids. But when I can get away alone, here are few of my favorite places to read:

My desk in the kitchen.


My garden swing (also a favorite with the kids and dog!)


Joe and Donut

The beach. Always so beautiful!


My comfy chair and ottoman in my tiny sitting room.


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