How Writing Is Like Hair Color #amwriting #Writertips #RSsos @jacqbiggar

Romantic Suspense author, Jacquie Biggar, writes a fabulous post on how trends in writing are like trends in hair color. Enjoy!

sisterhood of suspense


This might get a little longwinded so bear with me 🙂

How many of you remember arguing with your parents when you were a teen and desperately wanted to color your hair?

My daughter used to drive me crazy with these requests.

“Please, Mom, Stephanie’s mom let her do it.”

Or my personal favorite.

“You just don’t understand.”

No amount of talking would persuade her that it was a fad and it would pass. And I refused to allow her to change that beautiful golden-brown she’d been blessed with at birth.


Years later she became a mom and when her son wanted his hair shaved on the sides and colored blue on the top, she bought removable dye and did it for him.

The lesson?

Times change. People change.

Aiden almost 7 yrs old-March 2014

What does this have to do with writing you say?

Maybe nothing, but recently I’ve been hearing lots about author…

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