Move over Jack Reacher…Enter Gil Malloy!

Diana here: Today one award-winning author interviews another! Join me in welcoming Lena Diaz as she interviews Gil Malloy, whose newest book, Blonde Ice, is heating up bookshelves everywhere. ūüėČ

Don’t forget to leave a comment on the website to be entered for a free copy of Blonde Ice!

Take it away Lena Diaz!

Kiss and Thrill

Meet Crime Fiction Novelist R.G. Belsky

and the newest installment in the Gil Malloy series…



Son of Sam. Ted Bundy. The Boston Strangler. All of these infamous serial killers who made front page news shared a common trait‚ÄĒthey were men who killed women for a sexual thrill.

But now Gil Malloy‚ÄĒace reporter for the New York Daily News‚ÄĒis on the trail of a different kind of serial killer who breaks all of the rules. Dubbed ‚ÄúBlonde Ice‚ÄĚ by the media, she‚Äôs a sexy blonde who picks up seemingly random men at bars and clubs, has sex with them, and then brutally murders them afterwards.

Malloy‚ÄĒwho is already in the middle of a major political story about the election of the next New York City mayor‚ÄĒfinds himself drawn to the case by secrets from his past. As he digs deeper, he begins to suspect that there could be some kind of‚Ķ

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