Interview With Christina Britton

Congratulations to Christina Britton, one of my GH sisters, whose book, With Love in Sight will be out next year! This is a great interview with Holland Rae. Enjoy!

Holland Rae, Writer

I sat down with Christina Britton to learn about her writing process and current projects!

unnamed-1When did you realize or decide you wanted to be a writer?

When I was thirteen years old (and I remember this vividly), I went into a Waldenbooks and picked out my first romance novel, Under Gypsy Skies, by Katherine Kramer. I read that book in one night, and was immediately hooked. It wasn’t long before I tried writing my own – suddenly there were all these stories fighting to be heard inside of me!

Over the years (more than I’m willing to admit!) I wrote on and off, bits and pieces, every now and then trying my hand at a novel but not getting far. I gave it up completely when I was in my twenties, focusing on illustration. It was when my youngest started school and I had some free time on my…

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